Solid Edge Tutorials & Training Videos

Solid Edge Tutorials & Training Videos

Solid Mastermind Tutorial Content

An extensive library of Solid Edge Tutorials and Solid Edge Training Videos is available within Solid Mastermind.

Solid Edge is nowhere near as beneficial to you and your business as it can be without great training that shows you how to use Solid Edge successfully.

Sessions include not only tutorials to help new users learn Solid Edge, but also tutorials for experienced users to transform their use of the software and propel their knowledge to the highest level.

These sessions are the equivalent to over a month of classroom training.

The Solid Edge Tutorials and Solid Edge Training Videos cover:

This curriculum can be used to supplement or replace classroom training.

Solid Edge Tutorials & Training Videos

More Solid Mastermind Tutorial Content

From our experience the most succesful way to learn Solid Edge is by using a structured "learn at your own pace" curriculum utilising a "Look, See, Do" training technique.

So these Solid Edge Tutorials on how to use Solid Edge are delivered as streaming video tutorials that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Each video tutorial is enhanced by a downloadable goal sheet and in many cases sample files for you to use in the tutorials and assignments.

To obtain the maximum benefits for you, and your business, Solid Mastermind should be at the heart of both your initial and on-going education.

Training using Solid Mastermind will save you vast amounts of money and help propel your knowledge of Solid Edge to the highest level.

... important information to consider about training:

  • Training is often seen as a one off event but that is not the case. Students simply do not retain 100% of the information delivered in a single event.
  • Independent studies have proven that 70% of training occurs outside the classroom.
  • Learning is an iterative process requiring continuous reinforcement.
  • Classroom training courses are not always available to suit your schedules.
  • As the breadth and depth of Solid Edge functionality increases the duration of classroom courses are extending introducing further problems as:
    • Student concentration levels cannot be maintained at a high level for a sustained period.
    • You cannot afford to have extended periods away from the workplace.
    • Classroom training is now being structured to be delivered in a specific timescale often leading to the sacrifice of essential content.
  • The demands of the current economic environment, and shrinking training budgets means it’s not always practical nor cost effective to attend live training.
  • There is never a good time to be away from home or the office.
  • We are under increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprints by minimising unnecessary travel.
  • Open classroom training courses are normally limited to training using the current version of Solid Edge.
  • Classroom training is very expensive upwards of $300, $400, or even $500 per day for open courses and even more, up to $3000 per day for dedicated or bespoke courses.

... which means that you can benefit immensely from using Solid Mastermind:

  • Our streaming video training sessions and tutorials can be viewed at any time to suit your situation and can be replayed time and time again to reinforce your learning.
  • You can train at your convenience, at any time and anywhere you have access to a high speed internet connection.
  • You can work at your own speed and consume the training at your own pace.
  • You are no longer constrained by other class mates or tutors.
  • You can learn when your concentration levels are at their best.
  • You always have the peace of mind that you can access training for previous versions of Solid Edge.
  • You can save huge amounts of money over the total cost of classroom training

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