The Week In Review 02 Sept

The Week In Review 02 Sept

This week we have released the first sessions for the new Solid Edge ST4 Update Series. This is a great way to learn about all the new time saving and productivity enhancements that have been introduced in this latest release:

Solid Edge ST4 Update

The session called ST4 Introduction covers some of the general ST4 enhancements that that apply accross multiple environments.

Topics covered include: Key point glyphs, keyboard shortcuts, Steering Wheel improvements, selection enhancements, view manipulation, model edge display, new rendering view styles, interface defaults, command remember settings, customisation.

ST4 Update - Introduction

The session called ST4 Part Modelling covers all the enhancements that have been made to the part modelling environment.

Topics covered include: The new Synchronous Revolve workflow, tangent hole placement, Synchronous Ribs and Web Networks, assembly context extrude, new Face Relate workflow, new Face Relate commands, new B-Spline curve options.

ST4 Update - Part Modelling

Look out for more training material next week.